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Our Expertise

Developing high-performance business teams, cultures & environments.

Our Approach

We combine data, psychology & behavioural science to transform how organisations perform.

Our Difference

When we founded LUHA° we set out our stall early: a firm of psychologists & strategists who adopt a data-informed approach to improving organisational performance.   We didn’t want to fall into the trap of becoming a “me too” competitor.   The world doesn’t need another training company who aren’t accountable for their results.  The overwhelming evidence shows that most firms are unable to transfer employee learning into behaviour change or improved organisational performance.  We believe this problem sits deep in the roots of the training industry & occurs at the beginning of the buyer-provider relationship.

The standard service provider agreement goes something like this; service provider delivers training & walks away with every penny they asked for regardless of the value they provided.  L&D & HR are left trying to demonstrate measurable learning outcomes to justify ROI.  Outputs & evidence of improved business performance are rarely in the minutiae of contractual agreements.   At LUHA° we’ve taken a different approach.  Your results have become so intrinsic to our model that we’ve created a new approach to pricing projects based upon KPIs & the value we deliver.   Our backgrounds in data, pricing innovation & psychology enable us to bridge the gap from strategy to execution.  For us, it comes down to courage.  Courage to put your money where your mouth is.

Most of our clients are quids-in on this new way of thinking & enjoying the fruits of such a setup. Others have their hands tied by legacy governance twenty years out of date. We’re empathetic to the time it will take for this change to fully come about & still occasionally conduct retainer models to facilitate everyone. Sometimes performance-based pricing might not be applicable where cannot be fully defined & we must be adaptable to that.

If you have a potential project for us & you would be interested in hearing our proposed approach to your deliverables